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SER BEEF was created in the '90s with the ambitious aim of transforming low productivity land dedicated to cattle grazing into high productivity agricultural land.  The heart of the project is a massive system to irrigate up to 7,500 hectares, taking advantage of the extensive hydraulic infrastructure available in San Luis. 

In the beginning of the 2000s, taking note of the ideal climatic and infrastructure conditions in the area, SER BEEF enters the beef industry by building one of the largest service-oriented feedlots in the country.

Starting from there, SER BEEF consolidates by adding activities in the breed of certified Angus cattle and in soy processing, with the aim to diversify and increase the value add of its products


agro oeste argentino


SER BEEF originated from the vision of Italian textile entrepreneur Fausto Radici, and solidified under the management of his wife Elena Matous Radici.

Its history develops in parallel with the agricultural history of San Luis, an area which underwent dramatic change in the last two decades and attracted a growing number of agricultural and agribusiness talent.

 Today in SER BEEF, all the one hundred employees are settled in the various cities of the Province. The entire management team is Argentine and is formed by committed members of the local "Puntano" (i.e., from San Luis) community

cap ita, corazon puntano


SER BEEF integrates many diverse activites ranging from agriculture to industrial processing, to cattle grazing and feeding, to power generation. All activites are led by professionals who work with ample operational autonomy and are the main makers of their own success. 
Integrity, respect of professionalism and focus on results are the values that allow us to be successful in our various activies, while at the same time integrating them into one coherent vision. We aim to apply the same values to our relationships with providers, customers and strategic partners

colaboracion y trabajo en equipo
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